If you’re taking too many selfies for the sake of social media, you may want to cut back a little.  A San Francisco doctor has seen a rise in “selfie wrist.”  Indeed it is a thing.  It’s the name given to the numbness and tingling sensation people can experience in their fingers and wrists, which sometimes develops into a sharp pain.  Think about the position of your wrist when taking a selfie… “selfie wrist” is caused by hyper-flexing your wrist inwards to capture a perfect selfie angle.  In 2017, Irish doctors published a paper about selfie wrist.  They concluded that the culprit was something called ‘proprioception’ – which means spatial awareness.  They said selfie-takers were concentrating too much on their phone rather than their surroundings.  Whatever the cause…one sure-fire solution is to lay off the selfies if your hands are starting to hurt.  Be smart and be safe all you selfie takers!