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I came to the Dallas Wellness Center due to an auto accident that caused problems in my neck (where x-rays showed alignment issues), pain in both my right and left shoulders, right hip and left knee. At first progress was slow as I was very stiff, but in due time the neck adjustments began giving me relief from the pain radiating down into my arms. Dr. Kirkpatrick and Dr. Stewart were very informative on my treatment plan and the helpful staff made my experience even better.
Patrick, Aug 22, 2014
I experienced constant pain in my neck and shoulder, limiting my ability to exercise and caused difficulty sleeping and even hurt while driving. I  tried heating & icing, anti-inflammatory meds and stretches, which only offered temporary relief. The adjustments, stretching & strengthening exercises I received at the Dallas Wellness Center helped relieve the pain so I’m not relying on meds or limiting activities. The electrical stimulation and water table have also relieved tension in my neck and shoulder muscles. My shoulder feels much looser after treatment. The doctors and staff listen and make adjustments to treatment and stretches for pain in new areas. It’s great to have a team working to improve my health.
Jessica C., Aug 27, 2014
My constant back problems are what brought me into the Dallas Wellness Center. My life was being affected as I wasn’t able to get a good night rest. I tried many over-the-counter pills which didn’t have any affect on my pain. The combination of the electrical stimulation, the hydrotherapy table (warm water bed with jet massagers) and most important, the adjustments helped get me back into alignment and loosened my muscles to where I am back running again with ease. I now tell my friends and family that this works and am feeling much better!!
Alex C., Aug 5, 2014
After I pulled a muscle in my back and was feeling the tightness and aches from it, I went to the Dallas Wellness Center. I wasn’t able to turn my head as much as usual and had trouble picking up my 23-month old. Prior to visiting the Dallas Wellness Center, I was using heat and over the counter medicine. Over the course of my treatment plan, the adjustments and massages helped loosen up my neck and back and regain mobility that I was lacking when I came into the office. I’ve referred a couple of my co-workers and told them Dr. Kirkpatrick is fantastic along with the friendly office staff and the massage was a nice addition to my treatment plan.
Natalie M., Aug 5, 2014
When I first came into the Dallas Wellness Center I had been in a car wreck and my neck & back were badly hurting. I could hardly walk or bend over. After the wreck I was in so much pain I couldn’t turn my neck, bend over or sleep without tremendous pain. I couldn’t work, it was horrible. Before seeing Dr. Kirkpatrick, I used heating pads frequently to try to get rid of the pain along with Tylenol, ibuprofen and Aleve. You name it, I took it. Nothing relieved my pain. At the Dallas Wellness Center, the stretching/exercises, hydrotable, electrical stimulation and the adjustments all worked miracles. I even did some stretching at home. In the years since the accident, I can engage in activities and am more flexible since I received treatment form the Dallas Wellness Center. I’m very grateful. I would send anyone who has pain to Dr. Kirkpatrick. He and the staff are GREAT! I’ve already sent my sister, aunt, husband and many friends. The Dallas Wellness Center is the best.
Billie M., Aug 19, 2014
An auto accident resulted in a whiplash injury to my neck and back. My pain persisted daily and sleep was compromised along with sitting being uncomfortable. The first two months I was unable to resume normal activity. The third month I could do more but paid the consequences from activities like cleaning house, lifting, etc. No sports activity until the last week of the third month. I started to notice the discomfort level had diminished in the third month. The adjustments, electrical stimulation, massage and the specific strength exercises have definitely improved the affected areas. The treatments I have received have been monumental to the recovery process. I simply feel looser, stronger and less pain for sure. I increased my activity for one week and did not go to treatment to see how I would feel; I could definitely notice the difference that sticking to my treatment plan I was getting better with each visit. I would refer anyone to the Dallas Wellness Center. The staff are very professional, courteous, sensitive to patients needs, accommodating, very pleasant and work in unity with each other.
Mercedes R., Aug 22, 2014
When I first came to Dr. Kirkpatrick, I had a knot in my arm that caused such pain that it restricted many activities and even my sleep. I had a difficult time putting on my shirt and wasn’t able to even get a good night’s sleep for weeks. I tried my family doctor who suggested I take celebrex and gave me a 3 day sample. When I asked what would I do on the fourth day he had no answer. My friends suggested Dr. Kirkpatrick whom started by taking xrays and found that the pain and muscle tension were being caused by bone spurs in my neck from a car accident years earlier. Then I started my treatment plan of stretching exercises, electrical stimulation, heat therapy and adjustments. I can maintain painlessness through massage therapy and adjustments and now even enjoy all physical activities that I couldn’t when I started coming to the Dallas Wellness Center. And I sleep like a baby! Dr. Kirkpatrick took the time to find the source of my problem and treat it, not just the symptoms. The staff are so helpful and accommodating and they feel like family. My sister and many friends now come to the Dallas Wellness Center because of my raves about the office.
Beth S., Aug 11, 2014