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Spinal Adjustment & Spinal Manipulation in Dallas

DrsNameInsertWe at the Dallas Wellness Center are continually learning the newest, most innovative treatments available to provide you with the most effective, fastest-acting care possible. In doing this, we can ensure that you move from being in pain to out of pain quickly and easily so that you may enjoy the life you love.

We care about you as a complete and whole person. We care about your physical, emotional and nutritional/mental health and well-being.

We are in the office six days a week for all those in need of aggressive care due to auto accidents to those who are maintaining their health and getting care as needed. We are here and we can help.

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Spinal Manipulation Techniques

Dr. Doug Kirkpatrick’s and Dr. Ryan Stewart’s main choice of treatment is the spinal adjustment/manipulation. He uses different techniques for his treatments, listed below:


This is the most common technique used by Chiropractors. The spinal joints are moved with gentle accurate movements. When the joint actually moves, the patient may hear a popping sound associated with the Diversified adjustment.


This is another widely used technique in the Chiropractic profession. This technique uses the Adjustment table to move the spinal vertebrae. Our office has a top of the line Thompson table that can accommodate different sizes of patients to make the adjustments very pleasurable.


This technique uses a device called an Activator to adjust the spine. This is a technique used for patients that don’t like the popping sound a typical adjustment makes. Some patients get nervous and prefer the soft tissue technique of the Activator.


This adjustment technique is similar to Diversified. There are some areas of the spine that move more efficiently with this technique.