Exercise & Rehabilitation

We offer the finest quality care through the use of modern chiropractic equipment and technology.

Throughout their lifetime, most people experience some type of bodily injury –  some are more serious and long lasting than others. If you find that your pain will not subside, you should consider Chiropractic exercise and rehab.  During your rehab, we will teach you corrective rehab exercises that can be done at home by yourself.   Practicing your recommended rehab exercises at home can help your rehabilitation process drastically by improving your strength, range of movement, and overall health.

What To Expect
We are your Uptown Dallas Chiropractors for chiropractic exercise and rehabilitation.  Your Dallas chiropractors will teach you exercises that will help you improve your mobility, power, performance, posture, strength, and stability. Patients will notice a drastic improvement in their range of motion when continuing to perform these rehabilitative exercises.

Committing to and practicing chiropractic exercise and rehab as prescribed by your Chiropractor can help you to move on with your life and be more active after an injury. We want to help you to restore the correct structure to your body. If you experienced an injury or have any discomfort or pain, don’t hesitate to contact your Uptown Dallas Chiropractor today.

We have a complete fitness gym which includes equipment for rehabilitation on all injuries from the spine and the extremities such as hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow and wrist. We offer various physical therapies on premise such as therapeutic exercises and stretches to which we cater around your specific area of concern to increase strength, flexibility, endurance and restore stability and coordination.

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