Work Related Injuries

U-drkxray1The Dallas Wellness Center has been treating work-related injuries for 23 years. Dealing with the insurance companies and all the paper work can be overwhelming. We have been very successful in helping injured employees recover from their injury.

We have a wonderful network of specialists that we work with. Depending on the injury and what diagnostics have to be performed, we can refer you out to: orthopedists, neurologists, physical therapists, massage therapists, and accredited rehabilitation facilities along with your chiropractic care.

Our goal as a clinic is to get you well in a timely manner with as little hassles as possible. Because we’ve dealt with this system for over two decades, we are very familiar with the paperwork, the rules and the Texas law. If the need arises for you to get an attorney, we work with several attorneys and can refer you to the appropriate one.

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