It’s that time of year…BACK TO SCHOOL!! Ugh it’s like nails on a chalkboard for us ALL!! Whether you are a parent or not…BACK to SCHOOL affects us all in so many different ways. What does the new school year mean to you?

Perhaps school is a distant memory for you, or maybe it’s turning your world upside down and inside out right now. Either way, summer’s end marks the “real new year” for many of us starting with new routines, more stress, increased early morning traffic and different mealtime challenges.

But it’s not too late to start prepping for the change in your daily routine. We all know that pre-planning a consistent and well planned agenda keeps the day’s stressors at bay.
So you have kids and have to get clothes picked out, lunches ready and drop them off to school etc and that’s just for their needs not your own…CHAOS galor…but no sweat, you GOT this! Plan the night before to prevent any added stress to the morning. Have your clothes and the kid’s clothes laid out the night before…AND have your gym back packed! It’s important to keep your workout routine for mental and emotional clarity and peace of mind. Back to school should not prevent you from continuing to workout…don’t give yourself any excuses.

Am I the only one who notices increased TRAFFIC when it comes to back to school? The way our city is growing it may just look the same to many…HA! Know the roads and traffic reports and leave your house on time!! This is in your control and can prevent that extra stress of running late! We all know what extra stress does to the body and spine…ain’t nobody got time for that!

Sleep!!! Maintain healthy sleeping patterns. Daylight hours are starting to decrease which should make it a little easier to go to bed a little earlier than in summer months. Sleep more and stress way less is a great guideline. We all know it’s easier said than done however it can be done…takes discipline and determination; your body will thank you. Sleep deprivation has serious implications for your physical and mental health. Throw out that old thought of sleeping being a luxury and view it for exactly what it is, a necessity. 7-8 hours seems to be a “norm” for many but if you are one of those ones (like me) that needs more sleep then make it happen.

Hooray for back to school and for your health!!