Spring has sprung! While you’re spring cleaning your home, your car and your office—do not forget to take some time to refresh and recharge your health and well-being.

Try new approaches to healthcare.
Many of us only get in to see the doctor when we’re sick and feeling miserable—but wouldn’t it be much better to avoid the sickness altogether and see a doctor to “maintain wellness”? Try preventative care through chiropractic; it costs much less to prevent sickness and disease than it does to get well. And think of all those prescription medications and sick days you’ll get to skip!

Venture outdoors often.
Many studies have shown the awesome benefits the great outdoors can have on our physical, mental, emotional—even spiritual—well-being. Start out this activity-friendly season right; visit local parks and forest preserves, look for outdoor classes through the park district, sign up for a local adult kickball league, travel to some farms or berry patches, fly a kite, go for a walk or jog in the rain—the list could go on and on.

Give growing your food a shot.
Gardening is good for the soul—and will likely influence the amount of healthy foods on your plate. If you’ve never gardened before, start small and simple. Dig a modest plot and stick to easy-to-grow plants like green beans, cucumbers, spinach, various lettuces, peppers or carrots. If you don’t have the space to create a plot, grow some herbs in a container pot or find out if there are any community garden plots available in your area. And remember, grow organically!

Refresh your home space.
It’s likely you’ve spent quite a bit of time indoors over the winter, so it’s time for a change! Spring cleaning breathes new life into your home; set aside some time over a couple weekends to get it done (and use some all-natural products, of course). It’s also a great time to clear out the clutter; start piling stuff up for a garage sale or haul it over to a local donation center. If you’re really feeling into it, move the furniture around or apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls. You’ll feel as good as new.

Experience the outdoors, indoors.
Spring is that wonderful time where you usually don’t need to run the heat or a/c—you can fling open the windows and let the crisp, clean fresh air in. It’s also the perfect time to compliment your space with some houseplants—they’ll not only add to the look of your home, plants can also purify the air around you. And if you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry, try these hearty plants: pothos, aloe, spider plant, English ivy, dieffenbachia, ficus, philodendron or peperomia.

Invest in “me-time.”
Re-commit yourself to paying attention to your mental, emotional and spiritual health by setting aside time focused on you. Whether it’s picking up a new book each week at the library, taking an evening walk for yourself or with the dog after dinner, signing up for a yoga course or getting a monthly massage—make it a priority to spend time on yourself.

Get creative with seasonal produce.
Seek out some organic spring fruits and veggies to add to your dinner plate—and if you can go local, even better. Spring brings out some interesting produce you may have never heard of like ramps, fiddleheads, cardoons or kohlrabi; and others most of us know and love like apricots, navel oranges, grapefruit, parsley, greens, mint, strawberries and artichokes. Check your local community to see if nearby farmer’s markets start in April or May—they’re a great spot to find fresh, seasonal produce.