Top 5 Reasons to Try DRY

1. Weight loss
Most typical servings of alcohol whether it be wine, beer or your favorite cocktail contains 150-300 calories. If you have a drink DAILY and cut it would, you’ll cut out between 4,500 to 9,000 calories in a month. (saves a lot of time from cardio)

2. Younger Looking
We all know that alcohol dehydrates your face and can cause you to appear older than you are.

3. Better Sleep
Some like to have a glass of wine or two or five before bed which of course you are likely to fall asleep quickly, however you aren’t actually getting “good” sleep. Alcohol negatively affects your deep REM restorative sleep and it’s also a diuretic which simply means lots of in and out of the bed going to the bathroom.

4. For the Sake of Change
Most of us can’t wait until we get home to have “a drink!” It helps us unwind so we think. Going dry for a month can aid in developing other activities that are more beneficial to you and your body. Like exercising after work, ready or just journal or doing a craft/art project.

5. HUGE savings
Drinking is NOT cheap as we all know. It could save up to $100 if you drink at home to well over $300 going out and drinking nightly. Save that money for some shoes!!