Yes, you read the title right. It’s time to talk about constipation. You may find this subject well, uncomfortable, however you’ll suffer more discomfort due to the chronic constipation if you do not share with your doctor all of what is, or in this case, isn’t happening in your body. In addition, studies show that women who experience frequent constipation are at higher risk for breast cancer. Four times the risk, actually.

Recent research studies have revealed that healthy women with a history of chronic constipation had higher counts of abnormal cells in their breast tissue. Constipation allows toxins to reenter the blood stream stimulating abnormalities in breast tissue, which can ultimately lead to breast cancer. All-in-all, it’s a situation you can avoid by taking preventative measures.

Dehydration, lack of exercise and poor diet all contribute to the cause of constipation. The most important preventative measure you can take is to follow the basic rules of living a healthy lifestyle. Your digestive system needs eight to ten glasses of water per day to assist with healthy bowel movements. Twenty to 30 minutes of exercise per day helps stimulate the lymphatic system, which stimulates muscle contraction of your colon and assists with bowel movements. Finally, if your diet consists of processed foods, refined sugars and loads of carbohydrates it might be time for a change.

Eat more raw foods because canned and cooked foods often lack enough nutrients. Choose organic when you can because they contain lower amounts of toxins. Eat plenty of fiber because diets high in fiber help prevent not only digestive disorders but heart disease and cancer as well. Finally, consider supplements such as digestive enzymes. When taken properly they contribute to achieving maximum health.

Also subluxations aka misalignment of the lower lumbar vertebrae can also prevent proper nerve innervations to the intestines and colon causing another reason for constipation. Therefore, get adjusted properly by your chiropractor to help keep things well, flowing.