Over the past few months we’ve seen an influx in patients complaining about neck and back aches due to working from home. I’ve heard it all, from working on a stool at the kitchen counter, to wooden chairs at the kitchen table to hunched over the laptop on the couch, to laying in bed answering emails for 8+ hours.
Working from home has the cozy and comfortable feeling, however, not having the correct work from home setup or reminding yourself of your posture can really cause so much discomfort on you and your spine.

Here are few tips for that WFH setup.
Posture is KEY!!
An American adult sits for 10 hours a day on average—eight or more of those during work hours. Bad posture can become a habit really quickly, and your body will physically feel the repercussions. Slouching or strange, prolonged seated positions can put pressure on your back, shoulders and neck, which may eventually result in pain.

Your Work-From-Home Setup
Do yourself a HUGE favor…get off the couch while working and create yourself a healthy work from home setup.
The Dining Table
If you don’t have a home office, set up camp at a level table. Think along the lines of a dining room table. Working from a coffee table, can result in a strained neck and shoulder tension.
The Chair not the Stool
The right chair will hold your elbows, hips and knees at 90-degree angles to take pressure off your low back. For the perfect, work-from-home setup, avoid backless chairs and stools, as well as chairs that are too high for your table. If necessary, use a rolled up bath towel or pillow to place behind you as a backrest to support the natural curvature of your spine.
Computer Screen
Back that monitor back. Make sure your computer monitor or laptop is around 30 inches away from your face, set directly in front of you, and that the bottom edge of the screen is level with your eyes. Lift up your laptop or monitor to prevent head tilting or hunching over.
If you are using dual or more monitors, alternate their locations frequently.