“My neck, my back, my posture is whack!” Lately, this is becoming the new norm and phrase we chiropractors have heard as many have been working from home and not having that ergonomic friendly set up their work office has provided. I’ve heard patients talk about working on their wooden bar stool for hours, or from the couch for hours, or the bed for hours or even a rotation between the three. NOT GOOD!!

Here are some simple things to keep in mind while working from home, at least until you’re able to return to the spine friendly set up at your office.

1) Get off the stool! There is no back support what so ever and will leave you hunched over working from kitchen counter top for hours which is simply not good for your spine. If possible, move to a table even if its wooden chairs you can always get your pillows from your bedroom and use one to sit on and one to cushion your back.

2) Get up and move! Don’t stay glued to the computer. Set a timer to remind you to GET UP; walk away from the hypnotic computer screen for 5 minutes or more.

3) Stretch! You can do some simply range of motion of the neck stretches to prevent the neck from getting so stiff that you can’t move the next day and the next etc.

4) Hydrate! (with water that is-ha) Staying hydrated can help prevent muscles from spasm.

5) ICE! There is no excuse to not be able to ice your ailment area(s) while working from home. Place one behind your low back, wrap one around your neck with a scarf to keep the ice pack in place. 20 minutes of ice pack and then remove for 60 minutes and repeat. Always have a towel or something between you and the skin.

6) SMILE! Take time to smile. It’s simple and cheap too!

–Dr. Ryan A. Stewart

Happy MAY!