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I have a relative that’s struggling with losing weight… well to be honest she’s been struggling on and off for her entire life. She gets excited about losing weight and makes a concerted effort for a few weeks… but eventually her efforts taper off and she’s back to her old habits of eating bad and not exercising.

Does this sound familiar? Maybe not you per se, but perhaps you know someone… like a friend, a relative or a family member that has struggled just the same? Well considering that over 70% of the adults in the US are either obese or overweight, I think it would be hard not to know someone that’s struggling with their weight.

It’s an epidemic… but it’s so prevalent that it doesn’t seem out of the ordinary.

Just the other day, I was sitting at a local restaurant eating lunch with a couple of friends, when a friendly patron passing by commented on how fit and attractive our group was. It was a flattering comment but seemed odd at the time, until we started to noticing other people around us. That’s when we realized that we really were the only group of people in the restaurant that looked fit and trim.

Now, it may just have been a weird coincident but for some reason, at the time we were there, I’d say 85% of the people in the restaurant were significantly overweight. No exaggeration. But here’s the part that really struck me… I wouldn’t have even noticed it if it wasn’t for the comment.

Following that incident, for the rest of the day, I consciously looked around and what I noticed was that majority of the people (probably around 70%) were visibly overweight. Meaning their clothes (no matter how baggy) couldn’t cover their physique enough for me not to notice. But here’s the other interesting observation I made… most of them were drinking some kind of beverage (not water) or snacking on something (not fruit).

Now I’m not saying all overweight people eat poorly or too much… and that’s why they’re overweight. I wouldn’t make that kind of over generalized statement just from my limited observation. But, what I can say it this… what’s available for us to eat and drink, when we’re out and about is terrible. Not doubt about it. And if you’re hungry… your choices are extremely limited. In addition, you’re told that what’s actually unhealthy is healthy and what’s actually healthy is unhealthy. It’s a game of lies and deceptions and you “the consumer” are the innocent victim.

Listen, as far as I’m concerned, the food industry is more to blame than anything else for the obesity epidemic. .
So how do you fight back? By taking you health into your own hands. By educating yourself with the truth about what’s really healthy and what’s not. That’s the beauty about the internet, you have access to all the information you need.

In the meantime, if you’re going to be out and about, and you know that your choices are going to limited to processed, starchy foods and sugar laden drinks … here are 3 easy and effective tips.

1. Workout in the morning before your outing. If you have time, squeeze in a quick 10 – 15 minute high intensity workout to help you deplete your glycogen storage in your body (muscles and liver). This way, if you have to consume carb-dense foods or sugary drinks, some of the sugar will (initially) be stored as glycogen instead of fat. This will help alleviate some of the sugar from being stored as fat.

2. Drink water with lime/lemon throughout the day. Drinking water will help you stave off hunger and lemons have natural pectin fiber which is a water-soluble. And since fiber keep you satisfied, it can help you from getting famished…which almost always lead to bad food decisions.

3. Consume vinegar. I know it sounds odd, but it’s quite an effective remedy. The active ingredient of vinegar (acetic acid) helps suppress your appetite and help prevents blood sugar spikes when you consume starchy foods or drink beverages high in sugar. This should help prevent some of the sugar from being readily stored as fat. Try mixing 2 Tbsp of red wine vinegar with sparkling water and drink it through out the day.

So there you have it. Give these simple tips a try the next time you’re out and about with your friends and family and your choice of drinks and foods are extremely limited.
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